Palm Sunday, Passion and Worship

Dear St. Mark’s Members:

Grace and Peace to you from God our Creator and the Lord Jesus Christ!

This message is sent to inform you that we will gather again this coming Sunday, April 5, 2020 at our regular 10:00 A. M. service to participate in our Palm Sunday, Passion and Worship. I had looked forward to the experience of worshiping with you in the sanctuary of St. Mark’s; however, we are all aware that the Pandemic situation has dictated that we make an adjustment.

Therefore I am asking you to join in through Zoom and worship by celebrating Holy Communion as well as observing Palm / Passion Sunday. As we prepare for Holy Communion, and when doing your grocery shopping, I suggest you secure some grape juice and a roll, (Hawaiian, or Challah bread) or an unsalted cracker to use in the service. Another suggestion is to have some water and a roll, or piece of bread available. This latter usage was known in early Methodism as a “Love Feast.”

Our worship will serve as a combination of Holy Communion/Love Feast experience and we will all eat and drink together as a community of faith. I also want to encourage parents and grandparents to have your children/ youth available to receive a message from Sister Jaime Coffen.

There is a familiar Communion Hymn often sung during the observance of Holy Communion Authored by Charles Wesley (brother of John Wesley): “Come Sinners to the Gospel feast let every soul be Jesus guest. Ye need not one be left behind, for God hath bid all human kind. Ye who believe his record true shall sup with him and he with you; come to the feast, be saved from sin, for Jesus waits to take you in.” (UMH # 616).

Be Blessed!

Rev. Eugene W. Matthews, Pastor

P.S. Please assist those who may not have email or acquainted with this technology, (especially the elderly).

Join Zoom Meeting:

Meeting ID: 273 209 566

Password: WWJD

Have A Blessed Day,

Millicent George
Administrative Assistant,

St.Marks UMC
601 Eighth Street
Laurel, MD 20707


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