Church News

6/30/24 – Youth, Educators and School Celebration

Sunday, June 30th (morning service) — Youth, Young Adults, Educators and School System Personnel Celebration. We will celebrate these special individual’s educational endeavors and accomplishments, big and small. Please submit all student accomplishments by June21st to Jaime Coffen. We don’t want to exclude anyone from this celebratory Sunday.


VOTE! VOTE! VOTE!The opportunity to VOTE will exist twice this year: The Primary Election (May 14th) and the General Election (November 12th).Many persons have marched, protested and died in order that we now have the privileges to cast our ballots. Please be informed, pray,VOTE and encourage your family and friends exercise their right to “VOTE”

Sunday, May 26th — “Peace with Justice”

Sunday, May 26th — “Peace with Justice” is a denomination-wide celebration intended to raise awareness that even in a world plagued by war and terror, violence and destruction, people of faith have a clear call to build peace with justice. Special offering will be taken. The United Methodist Social Principles call us to love our…